Scientists are listening in to dinner conversations in the ocean.

New tools for human gene editing bring reactions of fear AND hope. How can we temper both?

Coral reef ecosystems, one of our most critical habitats on Earth, have been in the research news lately. Why?

An interactive map lets you see how big your (and your neighbor's) carbon footprint is.

Tardigrades are remarkably resilient creatures thanks to some borrowed DNA.

A successful landing for SpaceX's Falcon rocket.

This week's post includes new exoplanet names, a potentially habitable exoplanet, and news from our solar system

News from AGU: first findings from NASA's DSCOVR, tracking pollution from space and microbes born from fracking.

Comet Catalina, winter on Titan's south pole, the formation of a planet, and a not-so-habitable exoplanet...

Genetic sequencing puts two marine worms in their place and confirms that another defies classification.


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