Space Friday news includes Ceres, Spitzer beyond, early stars and a wrong number.

How dinosaurs vocalized, why sea turtles hatch in large groups, and earthquake-proof, coconut-inspired buildings

One robot mimics stingrays, another aids our understanding of tail evolution. And what teeth reveal about us.

The influences of space weather on habitability, plasma rocket technology, and an ancient galaxy cluster.

How can renewable energy sources within a city make urban areas more livable?

This week: Tsunamis on Mars, Mars at Opposition, another Kuiper Belt Object, and 100,000 orbits for the ISS.

San Francisco is a finalist to receive a $40 million grant to smarten its transit system.

Computer scientists are creating game theory applications to stop wildlife poachers and illegal logging.

News we didn't want you to miss: Yosemite heat and rockfalls, protecting fisheries, and important sea cucumbers.

This early cousin of T. rex had the smarts, but not the size, of its fierce relative.


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