A diverse combination of microbes in the guts of baleen whales allow them to get nutrients.

New huntsman spiders, an additional death adder in Australia, and four new bees!

This week's post includes the songs of 67P, recent New Horizons’ images, and early, distant galaxies.

Scientists are looking at the shoulder blades of humans and our relatives to learn more about our ancestors.

Sperm whales speak different dialects from clan to clan. How is the language passed on?

Scientists have counted the trees on Earth and there are trillions of them!

Two short tidbits we didn’t want you to miss…

This week's rubber ducky shaped news in space!

The first cepahalopod genome has been sequenced, verifying just how alien these animals truly are.

Urban farms are popping up all over the Bay Area, creating sustainable agriculture and helping communities.


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