This Valentine's Day, send a Love Letter to your favorite Academy animal, biologist, diver, or scientist to let them know how they set your heart aflutter. We’ll make sure your letter reaches its intended recipient (we’ll even read out loud to Claude if necessary, promise), and you can read other Love Letters by clicking any image below. To write yours, just use our easy form:

Dear Staff and Administration
Thank you very much for all the hard work you do for us. I wholeheartedly would like to say Thank you! Happy Valentines!
Love, the Guedes-Demello family
Biologist Spencer
YOU ARE THE BEST WE LOVE YOU AUNT SPENCER! Thanks for helping us feel nature connected
the Harrison fam - Eva and Judah and co.
Dearest Academy!
You fill my boring days of napping, counting toys and drinking milk with excitement! I am turning 2 soon and I hope I get to spend more time with you before I get dragged into pre-k. I love everything that you have and all the people that spend their time making the Academy the best place for everyone to visit! Happy Valentine's Day
Love, Aristotle
Dear Staff
Thank you so much for all of your great exhibit planning; I always leave with new ideas for my students. As I'm not local, I love the aquarium@home! A special thank you to the library people too. And the animals: the penguins, everyone in the aquarium, especially the jellies and rays.
Dear Earthquake Exhibit,
You shake my soul. Every time my kids drag me to you, I have to still my beating heart because my heart is like, beating very, very fast. Inside, we all cling to your metal-bar thingy as you quake and rumble because, wow, you are really a mover and a shaker. Honestly, you can be a bit intense, but you are exceedingly well-designed and highly educational. Still, relationships are about feelings and every time I leave you, I feel so very happy and relieved and ALIVE! I nearly skip away to go see the butterflies and I appreciate them all the more for our brief, terrifying time together. Thank you for reminding us all of the beauty and fragility of everything that surrounds us.
Hopefully we meet again, but not for a good long while, Chantal
Thanks for helping with my penguin addiction.
Thanks for your sweet friendship and shared love of 'guins. :)
Thank you for being the most entertaining animal on earth and providing hours of smiles and laughs
Dear Penguins,
I love you little water dogs! Mwuah Mwuah
Dear Night School crew,
Thank you for making such interesting programs that inspire me to create cool projects for my art & design students, and show your videos!
xoxo Lisa Beth
Dear Claude,
You are my favorite alligator! Happy Valentine’s Day!
Love, the Sauer family
Dear employees and the animals
Thank you for taking care of All the animals Happy Valentine's day ️ Stay safe
The Montgomery family in California
Dear Claude
I love you. I came to visit you for my birthday because you are the best alligator ever. You are very cute. I have never seen an albino alligator before and you are the best!
Love, Amelia Duarte age 4
Dear Claude,
It's always such a joy to see you! Although you may have had some struggles early in life, you're right where you need to be and bring happiness to a lot of people. Happy Valentine's Day!
Val Booth
Dear Penguins,
I love you!