This Valentine's Day, send a Love Letter to your favorite Academy animal, biologist, diver, or scientist to let them know how they set your heart aflutter. We’ll make sure your letter reaches its intended recipient (we’ll even read out loud to Claude if necessary, promise), and you can read other Love Letters by clicking any image below. To write yours, just use our easy form:

Dear Claude,
You are my favorite albino alligator friend! I love reading about you and wish I could come visit you in faraway California! I live in Louisiana where you are from! I dressed up as you for Halloween! Everyone was so surprised to learn about you!
Love, Joleigh
Dear Wonderful You,
The time you take, the care you give, the dedication to the little birds in their finest black and white suits does not go unnoticed. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Love, Someone who is grateful for you!
All Staff at Cal Academy
We want to thank you for all your hard work in keeping this special place open and functioning during these challenging times. My wife and I are only a handful of people who have enjoyed both "Penguins in Pajamas" you have hosted during Valentines in the past and it was such a special event. We now have a new addition to the family who loves nature and the outdoors and look forward to bringing him to visit soon. Keep up the hard and much appreciated work! Happy Valentines day!
Love, Mitchell family
Dear Claude
We love you! Hope you had a great Valentine’s day.
Love, the Padilla Familia
To everyone there!
I can't wait to come back when I'm in town. I loved seeing everything and wish I had gotten to see more on my visit. Until next time!
Dear Claude, While a I enjoy seeing the butterflies in the rain forest, I always stop by and linger Watching you at your "home." Since today is Valentines Day, I wanted to let you know I am sorry it didn't work out with you and your lady friend and she had to leave. It was not nice of her to take a bite out of you. But you recovered and sometimes being alone is A OK.
Love, Andrea
Dear Glass [redtailed green rat snake in the Rainforest first level]
I hope you had a very very very very very very very very very very very very Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're the best snake in the entire universe. p.s. I'm sorry I don't visit you more often - I'll be back soon!
Love, your friend Mélanie
Dear Fish
I think my favorite spot in the academy is the Philippine Coral Reef exhibit. I've taken a yoga class there at Nightlife events, and I love coming and just sitting and watching the fish for a while as I listen to music. It's such a calm space especially on weekdays.
Love, Christine
Dear Penguins
I enjoy watching the penguin cam and seeing what you doing that day. Love to all penguins.
Love from Sally Tuffs
Dear Manatee Aficionados,
Years ago, I fell in love with Butterball the Manatee. I didn't know much about manatees at the time, but his care must have been good to survive so long. More recently I've heard about the plight of Florida manatees starving and freezing. I hope your experts can do something to help out. Though keeping manatees in captivity has become questionable these days, if you should learn there is a manatee that cannot be released to the wild, I hope you will consider taking one in again. I miss Butterball.
Love, Cynthia
Dear Aquarium Diver
Thanks for taking such good care of the tank. I saw you several times feeding the fish and talking to the public, you did an amazing job!
Hugs, Mariano
Dear Claude
I would like to say you are the Whitest Alligator with the pinkest mouth and I wish you a Happy Valentines Day and a big smack on your snoot!!
Love the Cotter-Dillane families
Caretakers, Biologists, Janitorial Teams
Thank you for all you do to keep the Academy beautiful and clean. I love visiting and it makes me so happy to see the animals under your care so well cared for and beautiful. I'm sure the feeding, care, and maintenance of all the facilities and animals is a massive endeavor and the hard work everyone puts in is obvious. The work each and every person puts in is appreciated by your visitors and makes our visits so memorable.
Huntley Family
Dear Staff
Thank you so much for keeping the Academy a relaxing and lovely place to be. I work a high stress, physical job and often come in the last hour before closing after I get off work to destress and it always makes my day :)
Thank you, Eli
Dear Biologists, Divers, Scientists, and the rest of staff making Cal Academy what it is,
My daughters and I LOVE visiting Cal Academy, and seeing all the animals. They are toddlers still, but already fostering a love for animals, science, nature and the planet. Thank you for creating an incredible experience, and inspiring my kids.
Love, the Croshaws