This Valentine's Day, send a Love Letter to your favorite Academy animal, biologist, diver, or scientist to let them know how they set your heart aflutter. We’ll make sure your letter reaches its intended recipient (we’ll even read out loud to Claude if necessary, promise), and you can read other Love Letters by clicking any image below. To write yours, just use our easy form:

The Penguins
We love you very much and we think of you constantly. Keep waddling on!
The Marshal's
Dear paddlefish
My dear soulmate, You are the light of my life
French students
Dear penguins
I love you!
Docent T and Steve
Visited the Academy Friday and watched you interact with the line for the rainforest and show off cat artifacts. Well done enhancing our visit!
A visitor
Dear Claude
You're my favorite animal. I hope that I can one day visit you. I love reading your book every night before bed. I even shared the book with my preschool class. Stay different, stay wonderful!
Love, Avery (4 years old)
Dear workers of the Academy
Thank you all very much for your devotion and contribution to maintain the exhibitions of the Academy for us. This is one of the best place we loved.
best regard, the George family
Dear Sea Star
MISSING THE TIDE POOL Twinkle twinkle little sea star How I wonder where you are. Kids loved to tickle you in the pool And I’d explain your life, so cool. Is that you now in the penquin’s tank Or other stars for kids to thank For showing them your arms so prickly And wondering why you don’t eat more quickly. They’d always ask if you lost an arm Would it grow back without any harm? And is that shell empty of abalone Cause you ate it or am I full of baloney? If someone naughty moved you around, Where you downside up or upside down? Your proper pose you’d soon regain, An amazing feat without a brain. I miss you little star of the sea And hope you return one day to me To help me explain your wonders to those Who come to visit and see you up close.
Missing you, Rick Cooley (Docent) I added a verse to the earlier submission
Dear Pogo
Happy belated birthday and promptly Valentine's day! I am so excited to see you soon! Please grow healthily and happily! P.S. Please give a peck to your caretakers and wish them a Happy V-Day too! Thank you for all your hard work.
Love, Ching
Dear Claude
I’m amazed and definitely curious what you’re thinking! I’ve seen you sit still (for long long long) times! But, I’ve been fortunate to watch you being Active! You jumped out of the water, and seemed quite agitated, to tell you the truth. But you’re a great animal to be able to follow! I hope you enjoy your home, and thank you for your contribution to our young minds! I didn’t know about Albino Crocodiles!
The Fontaine family
Dear Pogo and all the penguins,
I love you so much. You are the cutest little guys in the world. I love watching you on the live cam and seeing what cute things you are doing. You bring my heart so much joy.
Love, your biggest fan, Mrs Hall
dear penguins
I love to see you on the web cam and in person when possible.
love sheila
Dear Claude
I want to wish you and all your love ones a "Very Happy Valentine's Day"! It's always a joy to visit you at the Steinhart Aquarium. And whenever I read Emma Bland Smith's wonderful book about you I am reminded of the joy I had feeding the alligators in the swamp when I was a 14 year old volunteer during the summer of 1971. I want to truly thank you so much for being such an exceptional ambassador for not only the California Academy of Sciences but for the entire city of San Francisco as well. Keep up the great job and KEEP SHINING!
Love, Sharon A. Fox
Dearest Claude
I am thrilled that you feature in an episode of We Bare Bears, an extremely clever and locally based show. If you haven’t seen the episode I suggest you take 11 minutes out of your busy schedule. It’s entitled “Chloe and Ice Bear”, and it is well worth your time. Also, please know a visit to the California Academy of Sciences is never complete until I stop by to say hello to you. See you soon!!
Love, Tina (a fan for many hears)
Dear Claude,
Over many decades, I have enjoyed greeting you from over the fence above your grotto. Thanks to all those dedicated staff who keep you healthy and well-fed.
Love from Eloise and daughters and grandson
Dear all members,
Thanks so much for helping me teach my science class. It is not my main content area, so I find your lessons etc. very helpful. thanks.
Dr. Brown