This Valentine's Day, send a Love Letter to your favorite Academy animal, biologist, diver, or scientist to let them know how they set your heart aflutter. We’ll make sure your letter reaches its intended recipient (we’ll even read out loud to Claude if necessary, promise), and you can read other Love Letters by clicking any image below. To write yours, just use our easy form:

All Academy Staff
You make our visits marvelous! You make the whole Academy experience the best it can be.
Love, Val and Greg Matonis
Dear Staff
Thanks for taking such good care of all the animals & plants. Give Claude a treat for me. Say Hi to the Dodo bird in the drawer. (Behind the scenes)
Happy Valentine’s Day! Linda Sue (Orion name winner)
Dearest Fish of the Aquarium
Thank you for being our special guests during our wedding ceremony. Your beautiful colors and bubbles really made for the most stunning backdrop on our special day.
With love, The Lopez Family
Dear Claude
Happy Valentines day hoping you guys are all well during this pandemic,
The Sutters
Educators and Scientists
Thank you especially to the Night School participants! We've received so much joy and have learned so much. I share your emails with my son, Eli, who inspired my membership and who now lives in VT. Also, it's so great to see our Academy in the news.
Love, the Bowens
Luis Rojas- Soto
To the love of my life and the tickle in my head.
Love, Your Wife Diana
My Love
Like the noble penguin, you chose to mate for life. And also like the noble penguin, I’ll hold your egg on my feet until it hatches.
Quack-honk, Your Peter Penguin
Dear Lucy,
Really missing sharing your historical significance in the human evolution line.
Love from Homo Sapien Peggy
Dearest Claude
I love you and I hope you love me too! I hope you get lots of treats today and I want to see you very soon!
Your friend, Harper
Dear Academy
I appreciate all your hard work to maintain my favorite place in the the city
Dear Academy
Over two years ago my first two dates with someone with whom I'd swiped right were unremarkable. She would later admit she felt no chemistry between us up to that point, but agreed to meet again. The third date was a Nightlife event at CalAcademy, which included a behind -the -scenes tour. Fittingly, the theme was Seismic. She was impressed that I listened while she asked questions of the USGS scientists in attendance. She thoroughly enjoyed the tour. She appreciated that I was already a long-time member of CalAcademy. And - we developed a chemical reaction that has been actively sustained ever since! So, I thank the Academy for making it all possible. Love and science - can there be a better combination?
Lia and Charles
Claude, You’ve been the highlight of our granddaughter's visits to the Academy for the last 14 of her 16 years. Next week, we plan to introduce our two grandsons to you. See you then️️! (No photos of granddaughter with Claude, but this is one of our earlier favorites taken at what she calls “the Fish Museum)
Love the Schmidt Family
Dear Cal Academy
Our daughter Evie is 1.5 years old and recently visited the Academy for the first time. She loved the aquarium (especially the jellyfish) and the butterflies and I’m sure can’t wait to go back. We look forward to visiting with her again soon!
Love, the Friedel family
Dear Staff members!
Thank you for being there to welcome us all back to the academy. My son LOVES coming there any chance we can get and thrives of going through the different exhibits.
The Edwards/Harvey Family
Dear California Academy
We haven't been able to visit in such a long time and we are looking forward to visiting this year. We are appreciative of the care you all have been taking with the exhibits and animals AND everyone in the community.
Love from 3 sisters and their parents