This Valentine's Day, send a Love Letter to your favorite Academy animal, biologist, diver, or scientist to let them know how they set your heart aflutter. We’ll make sure your letter reaches its intended recipient (we’ll even read out loud to Claude if necessary, promise), and you can read other Love Letters by clicking any image below. To write yours, just use our easy form:

Dear Butterflies in the Rainforest Exhibit,
It's been a few months since we've seen your fluttering wings and we miss you so dearly! We can't wait to come visit you all again and see you soar happily around the rainforest. Hopefully we can make it to see you soon!
Love, The Hudson Family (especially James!)
Dear Honeycomb Stingray
I hope you’re doing well in your pool. Don’t let the batrays get you down.
Love, Anne
Dear Cal Academy Family,
As a first grade teacher in Moraga, this was by far the most difficult year. I was very proud of my students and fellow teachers who tried to make the best out a very scary situation. We were trying to make it engaging for our students. What really made our day was your virtual field trips! When we got to travel and experience your programs we could escape the feeling of loneliness of not being together in the classroom. I wanted to thank you for putting them together and offering them for free to educators! My own two college kids came home and our first day of summer was visiting you in person! It was a wonderful way to kick the summer off to a great start.
Love, Suzanne Tom
To CAS staff!
It was so wonderful to visit CAS after almost 2 years! We as a family of four enjoyed every experience and got to appreciate what we are blessed with especially after the pandemic. As a member, so happy to be part of what you do for science and the community!
Love, the Senthilvasan family
Dear Claude
I remember meeting you when back in 2008 when I started college and majored in Biology. Everyone was so excited to see you. Your unique qualities make you stand out above the rest. I hear there was a book written about you, thats pretty neat! I hope to see you really soon with my daughter; I want to show her how amazing you are.
Love, the Flores family
Dear Claude
We miss you and your stoic resolve, as well as your general classiness.
Dictated but not read: Jennifer K.
Dear Julian Plamann
We miss going to the Academy to see the wonderful exhibits in the aquarium. We heard there is a long display in the cafeteria that you designed and that it is beautiful! We loved hearing about your fun experiences with the octopuses. We are so glad you are our son! We are very proud of you. We look forward to visiting the Academy again next week! :o)
Love, your mom, dad, niece and nephews.
The entire Academy of Science family
Words cannot express how much I appreciate the commitment from each and every one of you, to help educate, amaze, and keep us all infatuated. A sincere, and heartfelt THANK YOU for all the hard work and sacrifice that was required to survive COVID-19, and to allow the halls of the academy to flourish yet again.
Dear Mr. Claude:
Our family have missed your grinning face! Have you grown much? We know you have been fed and well taken care of by the Fantastic folks at CAS. We can’t wait to see you and your turtle pals soon!
Love, The Lautenbergers
Dear living roof
I love viewing the music garden and parts of the Golden Gate Park from your roof I noticed that it’s not as green as it usually is and that’s because probably we’ve had no rain recently. Love Richard PS when do you plan to open the earthquake
The Penguins!
Which one of you is the newest groom to be wed?
Peace and Ice bergs, forever!!
Dear Michael
Dear self. Thank you for supporting the California Academy of Sciences. It's a tough world out there. I hope this letter reaches you safe and sound.
Love, the Pass Family
Dear Everyone Contributing to the Magic that is The Academy of Science
I entered the Academy of Sciences when I was maybe ten or eleven years old. The giant glass doors at the entrance of the museum seemed like the gateway entrance to some kind of magical new land. Getting the sticker placed on my front jacket made me feel special and important, and entering the Academy was one of the most magical moments of my childhood. From watching the stingrays outside the Planetarium to the bumbling penguins to Claude to the roaming butterflies to the unreal Planetarium films to the amazing living roof, I was taken aback by the incredibleness of the world I live in. It is because of the Academy that I look at the world a little differently. I pay attention to the stars and feel even more important because I know we are made of the same stuff. Fast forward ten years and I still frequent the Academy as much as I can. I have a membership and take everyone I know there to relive and re-experience the same magic I did when I was younger. I even took my dad here as a surprise to thank him for taking me when I was much younger. I'm including a picture of our recent visit taking in the views of the Golden Gate Park from the refreshing and still stunning living roof! Thank you so much to the greeters, the scientists, the tour guides, the experts, the divers, the donators, the animal caretakers, the planetarium guides, the people who guarantee us a safe and clean area, the staff who help us check out and purchase food. I am grateful to everyone who has contributed and who continues to contribute to the magic that is the Academy of Science. Truly. Thank you!
Love, A Lifelong Lover of the Academy
Mr. C Ponchione
Dear Sir, Thank you so much for your work on the pendulum’s over the years. My favorite memory of the Academy is when my grandmother took me there in the 1950s and I was mesmerized by the Foucault Pendulum.
Best, Katie Dunlap
Dear Biologists and Divers
The Academy is the defining spark in my journey to becoming an oceanographer and marine biologist. Every visit has brought me so much joy and amazement. In light of the past year, science has both been appraised and shunned, and the fear and danger of the unknown forced natural science museums all over the world to close. My most recent visit has reminded me of the resilience of both animals and mankind, and I am just so grateful for all that you do and all that you have inspired me to do. I wish you all at the Academy the best, and I look forward to your shark exhibit.
Sincerely, M. Thompson