This Valentine's Day, send a Love Letter to your favorite Academy animal, biologist, diver, or scientist to let them know how they set your heart aflutter. We’ll make sure your letter reaches its intended recipient (we’ll even read out loud to Claude if necessary, promise), and you can read other Love Letters by clicking any image below. To write yours, just use our easy form:

Dear All Penguins
You made us laugh so hard that everyone stared at us.
The Durranis
Dear Focault Pendulum,
Since the prime of my youth I have admired the steady sway of your curves. I miss you so intensely, spending late nights dreaming of the gleam of your precise motion. I yearn to hold you in my arms, but alas, i know it can never be.
Sad Pendulum Lover
all of the employees
you are appreciated, keep doing what you are doing, it is very much appreciated.
the Delgadillo Family
Dear living creatures
We humans learn a lot from you so we look forward to visiting you in your San Francisco home and hope to see your relatives in their natural habitats someday. Having you here in the Bay Area reminds us to care about where you come from.
Love from the Ledermans
Dear Claude and the rest of the Academy of Sciences Family and Staff,
I love you and I hope you’re doing well. May you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I’m sending all my love and wishes. And to the Academy of Sciences staff, thank you for all you do. Please stay safe and take care. Wishing you my best!
Love Kait
Dear Melissa (the wonderful staffperson feeding the tortoises at Claudes pool)
I have been coming to the "Aquarium," since I was a very little kid. My favorite exhibit was the alligators. It was very different 60+ years ago. We were all so ignorant of how animals think, and feel, and are deserving of the same love and respect we should be extending to our fellow human beings. I am a 65 year-old, second generation native San Franciscan. Ive visited the Academy of Sciences for six decades. Last week I was visiting with a friend, and I wanted to be sure and visit Claude's pool Melissa was there to feed the turtles. She exemplifies the very, very best of an educator. I learned more from her than I ever have during any visit before! She was so kind, so proficient, and so interesting. Soemetimes, when you are a bit older, people tend to disregard your importance. Melissa deserves recognition for making us feel as important as Claude and the tortoises! I cannot thank her enough. Hope this Love Letter is delivered to Melissa as a small token of our appreciation.
Love and Gratitude, Victoria
Dear Claude
In an ever-changing world you have been a constant. You are always in the same place and don't move when I visit. The Snapping Turtles seem good mates. Your home with the seahorse grille has also been a constant. The Cal Academy has grown and evolved since I first visited the Steinhart Aquarium in 1957 but those seahorses draw me to you every visit.
Love, Linda Fraley
Dear Laurel Popolizio,
So proud of the work you are doing!
Love Mom & Dad
Lynn, CCG
Wishing I was spending Valentine’s Day with you visiting the coral reef.
Love, Mom
My granddaughter, Laurel, who is 6 and lives across the street from the Academy, loves the penguins
Grandpa John
Kate Montana
I hope this finds you doing GREAT!
Thinking of you with all the best wishes, Leslie Freund
Dear CAS Penguins,
We love watching you swim, and dive, and love how patiently you wait in line to eat yummy fish!
Love, the Sverchek Family
My Dearest Claude
Albino baby, I hope to soon see you so we can once again enjoy a beverage and watch fish together.
Love, Sarah
Dear Hard working crew of the Academy of Sciences
Thank you for looking after the lovely critters at the Academy. You folks heroes!
Nerds with Friends Podcast
Dear California Academy Scientists
Thank you for all the hard work you do everyday to encourage learning about our natural world to people of all kinds and ages! Your dedication to science and the natural world around us inspires me, and I always cherish visiting when there's speakers presenting topics during the Night Life! Keep going strong on what you're doing, your work is important and impacts (as well as impresses!) all of us! Happy Valentines day to all of you, and may you continue working with joy and wonder investigating all that the natural world provides!
with profound affection and admiration, Lauren James