This Valentine's Day, send a Love Letter to your favorite Academy animal, biologist, diver, or scientist to let them know how they set your heart aflutter. We’ll make sure your letter reaches its intended recipient (we’ll even read out loud to Claude if necessary, promise), and you can read other Love Letters by clicking any image below. To write yours, just use our easy form:

Dear Giant Pacific Octopus
How I've missed the excitement of racing downstairs ahead of other patrons (at early Tuesday member hours) to see if you're out and about, and available to be admired. In case I haven't told you before (I may have mentioned it), you're my most favorite at CalAcademy, and every visit is better if I've seen you. Hoping you've had plenty of enrichment, frozen toys and rest during this long time apart. Can't wait to see you! xoxox
Your fan, Ariane
Dear Morrison Planetarium:
Since that first day we met in 1968 (I was six years old) I raised my eyes to your starry canopy and learned to love night over day. Though I lived hours away, whenever I knew I was coming to Golden Gate Park, I imagined the new wonders you would reveal to me, and fill my heart with inspiration. School field trips, occasional weekend visits with Mom and Dad, and once I learned to drive, my own personal excursions to meet with you once again. I introduced my closest friends to you, one by one. Each time, your embrace filled my world with beauty and wonder. Once composer David Arkenstone came by to add his exquisite music to the experience! Then, not many years ago - you became silent and withdrew into a cocoon of renewal. I mourned you and waited in hopeful anticipation, that you would emerge more glorious than ever. And you did! Through the long months of COVID, I would wander out at night and stare into the sky, thinking of you, and when we would be reunited. The time is coming at last, and we will be together again. I will enter your halls and snuggle deep into a seat to gaze at your magical face, and give thanks that in a world of peril and change you still have the power to seduce and inspire.
Your ardent admirer, Lisa
Jack Dunbacher
Thank you for recommending BirdNET. I use it every day. Loved your presentation on Night School.
Joan Lamphier
Dear everyone at the California Academy of Sciences
Thank you for your dedicated care throughout the pandemic to the museum and the wonders of nature it teaches to everyone who walks through the doors to greet the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex! I'm so excited to come back to the museum again and to stare in awe when the planetarium journeys us across the universe and seas
Love, Alexandra P.
Dear Staff!
We went to the Academy in late May on a trip from Temecula and we loved it!!!!! Thank you!!
Traconis Family!
Dear Rainforest Macaws
I have missed being able to come in and see you. I miss your parrot sounds, everything from soft conversations amongst yourselves to louder expressions of your moods. I miss watching you allopreen each other, preen yourselves, play with your toys, and just enjoy being the amazing birds that you are. I promise I will come in soon to say hello.
Love, Diana S.
Dear Staff,
We have missed you all! We always go to CAS when we are in the Bay Area visiting family. During these past many months, it has been on my boys’ list of top places to visit when places reopen. We can’t wait to visit you the first week of August!
Love, the Siddiqi family
Dear Dr. Scott the Paleontologist
My daughter is a long-time fan of "Dinosaur Train". As we all craved the familiar during the pandemic, my daughter turned to the show for comfort. Thank you for providing a taste of "normal" to our home. Can't wait to bring my family back to the Academy!
The Phillips Widroe Family
Dear Tim Wong
Thank you for introducing us to your amazing Academy. We totally loved spending the day there back in April. Even more importantly, thank you for letting our son "Eeyan" have an opportunity to immerse himself in the wonderful world of nature - at the Academy and at home!
Love, Ken and Mary Anne
Dr. Nina Jablonski
I found your lectures on the evolution of human skin color illuminating and fascinating. Keep up the good work!
With high regards, Anne (PhD Math)
Animal Caregivers,
Thank you sooo much for taking care of the wonderful animals at the Academy during closure! It is comforting to know that our penguin friends are in your care.
Xoxo, An Academy Friend
Dear Claude
I hope this note finds you well, Claude. I love and miss you so much! Lets get together again soon, how's Saturday for you? Have a great summer!
Love, Neko
Dear all the animals in the academy
You guys always made my day! In different ways, each and every one of you were just incredibly adorable and always made me smile! Ever since my first visit at the academy, I knew that donating was a wonderful choice! The African Hall is just spectacular and Claude is extraordinary! Not to mention the magical aquarium section and rainforest exhibit! Everything there is just so interesting and amazing! You guys always made it a cool and wonderful place to visit for me and my family! Thank you super much for helping me learn so much in a fun way! Hope you all stay healthy and happy!
Love, XiAMi
Dear Rooftop Garden,
I love the brilliant colors and varieties of indigenous SF wildflowers, which support sharply declining populations of native bees, butterflies and birds.
Love, Denise L., member, CA Native Plant Society
Dear Claude
Thank you for being my favorite alligator! I got a little stuffed toy that looks like you at my last visit. You have more friends than just the turtles in the swamp! Thank you for making me smile. I love you!
Love, Kara, age 8