This Valentine's Day, send a Love Letter to your favorite Academy animal, biologist, diver, or scientist to let them know how they set your heart aflutter. We’ll make sure your letter reaches its intended recipient (we’ll even read out loud to Claude if necessary, promise), and you can read other Love Letters by clicking any image below. To write yours, just use our easy form:

The moving elephant herd,
I was a docent briefly many years ago in the room with the penguins. One day, a young child was seemingly bored with the trip to the museum. I walked over and gently asked, "Would you like to see a bunch of elephants?" Looking around and not seeing any, I was asked, "Where are they?" I indicated to the child and parents to follow me, went over to the display where a "movie" of a herd of elephants moving across the far wall was. When the child saw the elephants, I could feel the rejuvenated excitement. Pointing to the elephants, even the parents became amused and interested. It felt really good to have been able to make that happen.
Former Docent Bob
Dear Claude
Thank you for entertaining and amazing my family for decades! We love the Cal Academy staff as they are the Best, informed, caring, motivated & bright people AROUND (except for UCSF️) Keep up the great work & my family will co to us to support Cal Academy of Science's Golden Gate Park SF
Love the Cotter-Dillane families
All the science people in the basements
Thanks for all you do to learn about and save our world. Valentine greetings to all.
Love, your fans in Annandale, VA
Dear Claude,
My 4 year old granddaughter loves you. You are her favorite thing to see at the Academy. One time when we were there you moved around your tank and she was jumping out of her skin (so to speak). Thanks for that experience.
Love, the Hess/ Lew family especially MacKenzie and Grandma
Dear Volunteer Docents,
Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and knowledge! You make Academy visits so magical. Thank you for all you do!
Love, Katie
Dear Brenda
It was always amazing when we visited Aquarium, no exceptions. It's never a easy job to take care of the animals. Thank you and all the staff that keep it a lovely place for both adult and children.
Love, the Fan family.
Dear Claude
You are so cool. I love to come see you. I wish I could swim with you.
Love James S
Dear Penguins,
I love you so much. Your waddle is so cool. I can’t wait to see you guys soon.
Love Jack
Dear Animals and Critters in the Rainforest
We hope you're enjoying the SF winter air and get all the love for V-day!
Sending good vibes, TJ and JD
Senior Curator of Invertebrate Zoology, Terry Gosliner
Terry, you are amazing. And this world can not be more lucky than to have someone like you to go again and again to the Philippines to not only educate the locals as the importance of this hotspot, but to continue to discover new species while they are still there, along with ones that may also open up important medical cures. Not only are you an expert extraordinaire but a real delight to be with, and Chuck and I hope we get to go on more of your botanizing field trips with Marin's chapter of CNPS. Thank you for all you do!
Loretta Brooks and Chuck Heimstadat
Tank Divers
Thank you for taking care of all those fish and keeping their home clean. We appreciate you and always love seeing you when we visit!
Love, The Mieuli Family
Welcome to the WORLD!
Love to You, Jean
Dear Claude,
Every time I go to the Cal academy you are always the thing I'm most excited to see. I think you are the best animal there. You are the animal that convinced me that I want to be a zoologist when I grow up.
Love, Olivia (age 9)
Dear Baby Penguin, Pogo,
You're adorable!
Love, Anyonymous
Dear Pogo
Dear Pogo, Your little flippers look like wings of an airplane, though you will not fly, but waddle and slide on blue ice. Your two dark eyes, black pearls of the ocean deep. Your fluffy white chest mimics the snowy land you are from. May you swim your heart’s content being of the water world and catch fish with the ease of an elder penguin. Your birth, or any birth of a penguin chick is a marvel to the world.
Love, Terri