Our forests are changing, in large part due to water availability.

Our team of animators took on the challenge of visualizing food webs in San Francisco Bay and other ecosystems.

Photo of children learning science

The way we communicate science is changing, and it can have a real impact on society.

The first in our series about the new planetarium show Habitat Earth, today we feature scientist Jack Dumbacher.

Conservationists are using new technologies to help protect nature.

Using a small submersible, scientists discovered a new species of coral just off the coast.

How did insects evolve to become one of the largest groups of animals on the planet?

Photo of fish in twilight zone

Welcome to the twilight zone of the ocean, where the sun barely reaches and the fish have big eyes.

An Academy botanist discusses a very important subject.

Scientists are using CT scanning and 3D imaging to study the endoskeletons of armored lizards.


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