Academy scientists traveled to Cameroon this summer, in search of frogs, in a race to save them.
Dave Ebert lives and breathes sharks. We couldn’t complete a week of shark stories without him!
Perhaps the most important message of Shark Week is not how sharks are dangerous, but how they're in danger.
The Academy's Matt Lewin has developed a snakebite treatment that might save tens of thousands of lives!
An update to the collaborative research on these charasmatic creatures...
Invasive lionfish are spreading throughout the Caribbean and farther south—and scientists are trying to keep up.
How will climate change affect different species? Will organisms be able to adapt quickly enough to survive in a rapidly changing environment?
The Academy's Stan Blum works in Biodiversity Informatics-- he documents what lives where.
Almost a year has passed since crane operator Brandon Valasik discovered a Colombian mammoth tooth at the Transbay Transit Center.
How does ocean acidification affect oysters? How do oysters affect acidification?


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