NASA’s Europa Clipper Mission is shown in this artist concept approaching Jupiter's moon Europa

NASA’s Europa Clipper Mission will explore the fourth largest of Jupiter’s 95 known moons. Astronomers believe it has a deep, underground ocean and more water even than Earth.


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Alien Oceans: NASA’s Europa Clipper Mission


NASA is launching a spacecraft to Jupiter’s ocean moon Europa in October 2024 to learn more about its potential habitability. Scientists describe Europa as an “ocean world” because decades of evidence from analysis of spacecraft observations strongly suggest that an ocean of liquid water is hidden beneath the moon’s icy surface. The search for life beyond Earth is one of NASA’s primary objectives. If humans are to truly understand our place in the Universe, we must learn whether our planet is the only place where life exists. Life needs a source of energy, the presence of certain chemical compounds, and temperatures that allow liquid water to exist. Jupiter’s ocean moon Europa seems to be just such a place! Join us to learn more about Europa and why NASA wants to go there.

Morrison Planetarium is pleased to present this Benjamin Dean Astronomy Lecture in collaboration with NASA. We will announce shortly who from the Europa Clipper team will be presenting, so watch this space for that information.