• Documenting an organism overlooking the ocean
    Documenting an organism overlooking the ocean
  • Bioblitz in the tidepools
    Bioblitz in the tidepools
  • Taking a close-up photo during a bioblitz
    Taking a close-up photo during a bioblitz
  • Bioblitzing through coastal scrub
    Bioblitzing through coastal scrub
  • Documenting species using iNaturalist at a Yerba Buena Island bioblitz
    Documenting species using iNaturalist at a Yerba Buena Island bioblitz
  • Working together to make an observation
    Working together to make an observation
  • Bioblitz in the hills of San Francisco
    Bioblitz in the hills of San Francisco
  • Documenting slender salamanders at a bioblitz
    Documenting slender salamanders at a bioblitz
  • Documenting a tree during a bioblitz
    Documenting a tree during a bioblitz

Bioblitzes are gatherings of scientists, community scientists, land managers, and more, all working together to find and identify as many different species as possible. Bioblitzes not only help land managers build a species list and atlas for their park and provide invaluable data for researchers, they also highlight the incredible biodiversity in these Bay Area oases.

Our bioblitzes are open to anyone and are family-friendly. Just bring your smartphone with the iNaturalist app, your curiosity, and your powers of observation to help catalog the natural wonders of our parks and open spaces.

We've been hosting grassroots bioblitzes in the Bay Area for over 10 years. Explore the events we've helped host in the past here!

Check below to find out about upcoming bioblitzes and other community science events and campaigns. Links will be live once the event is open for registration. Registration is free, but be sure to let us know you're coming so we can send you all the information you need ahead of time!




Snapshot cal coast tidepool cliffs

Snapshot Cal Coast is taking place June 1 - 30, 2024!

Help us gather critical biodiversity data from the California Coast June 1st-June 30th for the 9th annual Snapshot Cal Coast

For the entire month of June, we are asking people to get out to tidepools, docks, marinas, and harbors near them and document as many species as they can. 

Of course, Snapshot Cal Coast is not only tidepools but all coastal habitats, and we would love any and all observations from anywhere along the coast.

We are also hoping that folks can try and visit specific places along the coast-please take a few minutes to check out this app to find areas that are under threat from climate change and need more observations: https://calacademy-community-science.shinyapps.io/sentinel-site-raster-mapping/

Here is an iNaturalist guide you can use through the app while you are out on the coast: https://www.inaturalist.org/guides/12795

Through this effort, together we will obtain a snapshot of biodiversity along the California coast that will be useful for scientists and managers at local, regional, and state levels. We will also build a community of observers and recorders interested in documenting California coastal biodiversity and answering targeted research questions supporting California MPAs. Together we can help determine species ranges NOW against which we can measure and monitor changes.


Join our team at Pillar Point Tidepools on June 7th!

Join a bioblitz at Pillar Point in Half Moon Bay led by our team on Friday, June 7th from 6am to 8am.

Low tide is -1.5 feet at 6:15am and the summer morning low tides are pretty phenomenal for exploring around sunrise!

Parking is very limited in the main lot at the site. Additional parking is further away and adds up to a mile of extra hiking. 


Join our team in Mendocino on June 23rd!

Join a bioblitz MacKerricher Bioblitz Sunday, June 23rd, 6 am - 9 am led by our team on Sunday June 23rd from 6am to 9am.

This is a wonderful California State Park site with a parking lot, bathrooms, and a beautiful boardwalk that leads out to Laguna Point. We will take the stairs down into the tidepools here. 

Learn more and register below! 

Registration is limited to 40 people. 




Partner Organizations

We are lucky enough to partner with organizations who also host their own community science events. Check out their pages for some great upcoming bioblitzes, restoration days and more!

One Tam

California Center for Natural History

Bioblitz Club

Join iNaturalist

The work we do utilizes iNaturalist to make biodiversity observations while building community around nature. It's a community-powered website and app that makes it easy to upload and share your observations in the field and to get help from other users with flora and fauna IDs.

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