#MuseumFromHome with Academy @ Home! Whether you’re searching for STEM activities for the kids or just want to keep tabs on your favorite Academy creatures, we've curated an eclectic array of science-centric games, videos, and DIY projects to help you stay learning and engaged, wherever you are.

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This week: Explore the ocean with a medley of marine-themed Breakfast Club livestreams

Animal Webcams

Underwater photo of African penguin swimming with fish in mouth
Frolic with our penguins, soar with our stingrays, dive our coral reef, or visit the Farallones via live webcam.

Hope for Reefs

A vivid pink soft coral brightens up a mesophotic reef as Academy divers swim by

Learn more about the Academy's global initiative to research and restore coral reef ecosystems around the world.

Downloadable Zoom Backgrounds

Aquarium Zoom Background

Add a splash of science to your video calls with over a dozen downloadable Academy-themed virtual backgrounds.

Watch: Our video collections are optimized for K-12, but binge-worthy for science-lovers of all ages.

Colorful Cephalopods

Flamboyant Cuttlefish

Learn how and why cephalopods like octopuses, squid, and cuttlefish change colors.

Mystery on the Reef


During a tidepool survey this year, the Academy's citizen science team encountered a pink-toothed mystery.

Video Library

Methuselah the lungfish gets a chin scratch by an Academy biologist

Press play on the latest discoveries, animal insights, and "aha!" moments from Academy scientists.

Learn: Turn your living room into a classroom—or science lab!—with STEM activities and resources.

Nathalie Nagalingum

Nathalie Nagalingum, PhD, in the Academy's botany collections

Nathalie Nagalingum, Associate Curator and McAllister Chair of Botany, specializes in cycad and fern genomics.

Science Lesson Plans

A smartphone, scissors, and scotch tape atop multicolored construction paper

Find science activities to focus your field trip or lessons to integrate into your yearly curriculum.

Play: Brain need a break? De-stress with these digital delights. (Warning: You may still learn something.)

Human Odyssey Map

human odyssey map

Watch humanity's 200,000-year migration using this interactive map of archeological, genetic, and climate data.

GIFs Galore

An octopus quickly grabs a plastic jar containing a treat

Texting and emailing more than ever? Delight your recipients with Academy animal antics from our GIPHY page.

Macro Color

Macro photograph of a golden iridescent beetle

See color on a different scale as you zoom in on butterfly wings, iridescent beetles, bird feathers, and more.


Cornucopia game

In this game, students level up the farm with green technology to meet the space and water needs of their crops.

Do: Channel your energy into hands-on art and science projects while the world's on pause.


A woman uses the iNaturalist app in the woods to identify a plant

Identify species and add your observations to a growing citizen science database helping protect our planet.


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