• aBright blue bioluminescent organisms swirl in a wavy pattern behind a white NightSchool logo.
  • Dr. Mandë Holford next to her presentation slide, which has a cartoon photo of a snail on a motorcycle.
  • A still from Rachel Garber Cole’s piece “Questions for a Dinosaur” with Rachel sitting next to a person in dinosaur costume head
  • NightSchool guests and hosts discuss questions as a group.
  • NightSchool guests and hosts wear alligator-themed or birthday-themed hats to celebrate Claude the alligator’s birthday.

NightSchool is currently paused, but you can press play on 94 (!) recorded livestreams on our YouTube playlist.

Our live NightSchool series brings together scientists, artists, creators, and their friends and collaborators; all experts ranging in fields from eco-poetry to bioluminescent art to the 60,000+ species of snails on our planet. It’s a natural science party, and you’re invited to ask our guests literally anything you want. Every episode is an unfiltered, unedited, and undeniably delightful deep-dive into something new: Whether it’s traversing the mysteries of microscopic ocean life or celebrating our alligator Claude’s birthday, we go all-in, always.


Must-watch episodes


Reflect on a changing world with performers and poets whose work sits at the intersection of art and science.

Colorful illustration of different Academy animals

What’s in a field guide? Join us for a closer look into these stunningly illustrated nature-ID’ers.


What do night parrots, giant tortoises, and a teeny tiny clam have in common? Averting presumed extinction.


Ice, soil, wood, diatomaceous deep-sea sediment — we're digging deep and returning with cores.


What live everywhere there’s water, are invisible to the naked eye, and are essential to life on Earth? Diatoms!

Close-up photo of a snail

Explore the wide world of snails, from venomous ocean-dwellers to big-city inhabitants.

Claude the alligator wearing a party hat

We’re throwing a party dedicated to Claude the American alligator and the freshwater swamps he calls home.

Photo of a yellow mushroom

We’re digging into the vast underground networks that connect mushrooms, plants, and a whole lot of life.


We’re throwing a mini-festival celebrating the ground beneath your feet.