Scientists are trying to revive and restore a tragically lost species, the passenger pigeon.
Have we actually left the Solar System at long last?
How does echolocation work at the gene level for diverse animals like bats and dolphins?
While there is no officially acknowledged “man in the moon,” there is a LADEE...
Atmospheric rivers control our weather and water resources in the West.
Maybe we ought to rethink those cavemen jokes-- new evidence finds sophisticated Neanderthal tools that pre-date human arrival.
Archaeopteryx's brain may be further evidence of its not-so-special place between dinosaurs and birds.
Scientists are implanting false memories into mice to determine how humans create them.
The Academy's Stan Blum works in Biodiversity Informatics-- he documents what lives where.
Roman concrete constructed 2,000 years ago is still strong today, even under rough sea. In contrast, the concrete we manufacture only lasts around 100 years.


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