Long View Sketchbook Page 053

Antarctica’s future is difficult to ascertain. Will it remain relatively undisturbed or will it see increased settlement and population? McMurdo Station has certainly grown in activity and density since its establishment in 1956. A town of sorts, it now supports up to 1,258 residents at any given time. It has dining halls, libraries, recreational facilities, stores, a barber shop, television and radio studios, and a fire station. A proliferation of buildings dedicated to research, transportation, waste management, logistics and administration also make it a very busy place.

My newest sketchbook page — the third Antarctic flag design in a series — hints at the roads and infrastructure necessary to a sprawling base. The composition suggests a system of routes, channels, and conduits that accommodates multiple needs and functions. It is a flag as map, to be updated periodically, serving to chart Antarctica’s level of development and density.

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