bartalos-long_view_study_01-500x500 This is my first study for the Long View Project outside of the sketchbook. It's a prototype of sorts for the flatter of the one hundred panels that will comprise the final series. Studies with more relief are also in the works. The imagery here alludes to science and waste management at McMurdo, described by the iconic pipe and sphere configurations common throughout town. It was created in cut paper and graphite on paper mounted on a 5" x 5" x 1.5" wood panel, indicat- ing the square format of the final art panels to come. This piece will be on view and available at Southern Exposure's Annual Fundraiser and Art Auction this Saturday evening, June 6 at Electric Works, San Francisco. Speaking of events, I'm also excited about attending this Thursday's CalAcademy NightLife presentation by David de Rothschild where he'll talk about his fascinating Plastiki project and upcoming expedition. Hope to see you there!

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