antarctic-item-063-off-white-canvas-bag500x295 This canvas pouch's grime and wear suggest it saw lots of action on the Ice. It likely held Jamesway assembly hardware, which was minimal. The hut's only metal compo- nents are nails, fasteners, and connecting bars, allowing the entire 16' x 16' structure to weigh in at 1,200 lbs. Much thanks to James Roemer at the McMurdo carpentry shop for the past three items featured here. James knows Jamesways as well as anyone -- he builds them! 2008-0918carpcrewjamesway500x375 Here's the carp shop crew in front of a Jamesway they constructed on the sea ice for researchers to hold and study seals this past season. Nice work guys, and hope you had an awesome time in Tasmania afterwards, James.

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