Antarctic Item 060

Antarctic Item 060 is another of several fabric discards I brought back from the Ice to incorporate into artworks. This piece of dark green material at one time belonged to a Jamesway hut, a kind of structure commonly found in polar science camps that serve as temporary work and living quarters.

Jamesways are similar in shape to Quonset huts but are constructed of wooden arches and insulated cloth instead of metal. They’re also more portable, weighing less than 1,200 pounds for a 16 square-foot space. Efficient too: Their packing crates double as the hut’s floor which is insulated with fiberglass, helping to keep the interior warm. In addition, their wooden ribs support a large amount of weight, making Jamesways useful in areas that see heavy snowfall.

Much thanks to James Roemer at the Carp Shop for donating this artifact (among others) to the Long View Project!

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