12" high x 12" wide x 2" deep is the size I've settled on for each of the Long View's 100 base panels. Strung together end-to-end, and factoring in the ninety-nine gaps created by connecting hinges, the combined artwork's length will total 103 feet. A long view for sure! The depth of the completed artworks will vary depending on how much the base layers get built out to support dimensional objects and elements. Expect to see more sketch- book entries and maquettes here before they take final form. 20090518studio4views-500x333 In the top photos: I'm priming the final panels needing gesso, and have tracked down the loose-pin hinges ideal for assembling and disassembling my panels for exhibition. These hinges are the type used for attaching theater scenery flats. In the bottom pictures, my basic art-making tools: Straight edge, #11 X-acto, pencil, kneaded eraser, bone folder, cut paper and pH neutral PVA adhesive.

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