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In celebration of 'Tis the Season for Science, we invite you to explore festive winter-themed programs and activities at the Academy's Naturalist Center, located on Level 3:

•Enjoy our games, puzzles and coloring sheets.

•Play ‘Tis the Season Scavenger Hunt.

•Explore some of the delicious holiday aromas that come from the rainforest at the Naturalist Nook.

•Peruse our many books and DVDs. Have an up-close experience with specimens.

•Fridays 11:30 am: Specimen Spotlight with a focus on how different animals are adapted to cold weather in front of the Project Lab.

•Sundays 2:30 pm: Science Story Adventures in the 3rd floor classroom.

•Participate in our self-guided holiday craft activities every Friday and Saturday:

Dec. 2-3 Make an Evergreen Pin
Stay tuned for next week’s craft!


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