Over the past few months, polls show that fewer Americans say they believe humans are making the planet dangerously warmer, despite a raft of scientific reports that say otherwise.

This is a very interesting piece. As I've pointed out before, both to those passionate in their belief that global warming is real, and that humans are the primary cause, and to the so-called skeptics, belief really has no place here, and no place in science at all. The very purpose of the modern scientific method is to enable us to understand nature beyond our own sensory perceptions and beliefs. We are, however, only human and that makes the exercise a difficult one. It is nonetheless possible, and vitally important that we examine nature objectively. Nature, after all, cares nothing for our beliefs and will proceed according to its own laws and processes, a few of which we do indeed understand.

(Thanks to Donovan for the link to this article)

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