Group photo of Hive members on Angel Island

The Hive Advisory Council (HAC) is a group of volunteer leaders who serve as Hive ambassadors for the Academy’s mission to explore, explain, and sustain life. This group of engaged individuals plays a vital role in The Hive by assisting with recruitment, fundraising, marketing, and event planning efforts.

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HAC Leadership

Council Chair: Patrick White
Corporate Partnership Chair: Geoff Kottmeier
Events Chair: TBD
Membership & Marketing Chair: TBD
Party After Dark Chair: Tatum Payan & Hannah Ransom


2020 HAC Members

Sahil Bansal
Jessica Boualavong
Katina Bush
Adriel Cha
Jolie Chan
Praggya Chaturvedi
Taisia Dubinina
Joshua Elkes
Michael Hogue
Amy Kalnoki
Yuxi Lin
Quinn Nakayama
Lily Zheng

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