How has the Academy's Science Action Club impacted after school programs in the Bay Area and beyond? Read these quotes from our trainers and site leaders to find out!


“Because it was summer, students had the opportunity to spend more time exploring their environment and digging into the curriculum. What started out as moans as groans quickly turned into wows and wonders. It was wonderful to watch the students engage in thought provoking conversations. I would highly recommend Science Action Club to any summer program looking for a fun and educational experience to offer their students.”
— Anaheim Family YMCA Program Director

“Students had a blast this summer and learned a lot about arthropods. I really appreciate everything about Bug Safari. There were always enough materials for all students, even for new ones joining later. I’m also grateful the kit provided certificates and other prizes for the students. Thank you so much for making the summer fun and memorable for our students.”
— Community Partnership for Youth Activity Leader

“I enjoy that the activities are described in a great amount of detail so that our staff can lead the activities confidently.”
— Kennedy Gardens Elementary School Activity Leader

“Science Action Club in the summertime is great! We hear from kids that they have noticed things in their parks and schools, such as birds and bugs, that they never would have thought were there. Running SAC in summer benefits Camp Edmo in so many ways like not being tied to a school site so you can explore nature trails and provide a more comprehensive experience to campers. It's an easy buy-in for instructors and kids and builds curiosity in both.”
— Camp Edmo Curriculum Manager

“I really enjoyed the online training because I can go at my own pace, and come back to the videos at any time to review the materials needed for the activities.”
— California School Age Consortium Trainer

“I enjoyed how straightforward and easy it is to follow while making things fresh and entertaining for the students. The split between inside and outside work was perfectly estimated where it kept my students fully engaged and ready for the next assignment. With all the materials already provided, it made delivering the overall lesson much easier. This activity allowed the students who were usually shy to participate and engage. I had a student tell me they felt they “contributed equally to the scientific process”. Win win if you ask me!”
​​​​​​​— Dingle Elementary Activity Leader



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