• Brasarte dancers twirling in skirts
    BrasArte performs the traditional dances and music of Brazil.
  • Kristy Aki Oshiro performs on taiko drums
    Kristy Aki Oshiro performs on taiko drums.
  • Non Stop Bhangra performs Punjabi dance
    Non Stop Bhangra performs Punjabi dance with contemporary influences like reggae, hip-hop, and electronica.
  • Ao Dai Festival
    The Ao Dai Festival uses fashion as a vehicle for sharing and connecting with Vietnamese culture and history.
  • Cunamacué performing
    Cunamacué spotlights Peru’s African descendants and their deep cultural legacy through music and dance.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (March 5, 2024) — This March the California Academy of Sciences is kicking off a new three-part NightLife series, Intersections, which examines the cross-cultural connections, foundational elements of personal identity, and capacity for shared humanity that are fostered through three art forms: Dance (3/7), Fashion (4/4), and Music (5/2). Each themed event will feature a cadre of local arts vanguards who will infuse their unique traditions and perspectives into live performances and moderated discussions that illuminate the diversity and parallels inherent to these art forms.

NightLife Event Program Manager Lin Kung shares her inspiration for the series: “In a world that’s constantly trying to divide people, the NightLife Intersections series is a reminder that though we lead different lives and come from different backgrounds, there is always a place where we intersect—through art and other forms of expression—where parallel journeys are shared.”

NightLife Intersections furthers NightLife’s ever-expanding focus on equitable representation, cultural inclusion, and community-focused programming. The 21+ evening event takes place weekly from 6-10 pm, and in addition to special programming guests can enjoy the museum after hours while enjoying craft cocktails, DJs, and more.



NightLife Intersections: Dance
Thursday, March 7, 6-10 pm

  • Panel discussion, 7:30 pm, African Hall: Join Nkeiruka Oruche from Gbedu Town Radio, Tainah Damasceno from BrasArte, and Vicki Virk from Non Stop Bhangra in a conversation that explores the varied ways culture interacts with movement and dance, and the role gender plays in bodily expression. Moderated by Dr. Anne Huang, executive director of World Arts West.
  • Live performance, 8:30 pm, Piazza: Enjoy a suite of lively dance performances from each of the evening’s featured artists.
  • Featured artists:
    • BrasArte - Established in 2000, BrasArte is committed to preserving the traditional dances and music of Brazil, nurturing new and emerging artists, caring for aging artists and mentors, and providing a cultural exchange between Brazil and the US.
    • Afro Urban Society/Gdebu Town Radio - Led by Artistic Director Nkeiruka Oruche and featuring a dynamic group of performers, Gdebu Town Radio explores social and political themes through Pan Afro-Urban music and dance including Afrobeats, Dancehall, Coupé-Décalé and varieties of hip hop.
    • Non Stop Bhangra - With 20 years of San Francisco’s “best dance party” under its belt, Non Stop Bhangra highlights the ancestral roots of Punjabi dance while pushing boundaries with contemporary influences like reggae, hip-hop, and electronica.


NightLife Intersections: Fashion
Thursday, April 4, 6-10 pm

  • Panel discussion, 7:30 pm, African Hall: Join a wide-ranging discussion with Alia Sharrief from The Hijabi Chronicles, Cindy Phan from The Ao Dai Festival, and Joey Montoya from Urban Native Era about fashion as a form of artistic expression and its valuable role as a bridge between different cultures and communities. Moderated by KQED radio reporter and podcast producer Marisol Medina-Cadena.
  • Live fashion show, 8:30 pm, Piazza: Watch a dazzling showcase of designs from the evening’s featured artists in a high energy fashion show.
  • Featured artists:
    • The Ao Dai Festival - Named after the traditional Vietnamese garment, the Ao Dai Festival leverages fashion as a powerful vehicle for sharing and connecting with Vietnamese culture and history. 
    • The Hijabi Chronicles - Created in 2014 by hip hop artist, emcee, and human rights activist Alia Sharrief, the Hijabi Chronicles aims to give Muslim women in hip hop proper representation and celebrates their creativity and diversity through the lens of modesty.
    • Urban Native Era - The brainchild of Joey Montoya (Lipan Apache), Urban Native Era (UNE) aims to increase the visibility of Indigenous Peoples through fashion and design. More than a decade on, UNE crafts minimal yet powerful designs to create timeless garments that are made for everyone.


NightLife Intersections: Music
Thursday, May 2, 6-10 pm


  • Panel and Live Performance: 7:30 pm, African Hall: Hannah Mayree of Black Banjo Reclamation Project and sitar player Kamal Ahmad come together for a jam session and lively discussion around the history and evolution of their instruments, and how they honor traditions and history while blazing a new path for the future. Moderated by NightLife Brand Manager Anacron Allen.
  • Featured artists:
    • Black Banjo Reclamation Project - Founded by musician Hannah Mayree, the Black Banjo Reclamation Project reclaims ancestral wisdom and highlights the folk roots of Black liberation through instruction in African- and Black-centered banjo playing techniques and banjo building and repair.
    • Kamal Ahmad - A sitar player and raga music teacher, Ahmad embarked on his musical journey by learning tabla (Indian hand drums) before delving into the art of sitar under the guidance of his older sister. He currently performs and teaches Indian classical music on both international and domestic stages.


  • Percussion Panel and Live Performance, 8:30 pm, Piazza: Carmen Román and Pierr Padilla from Cunamacué will join Harry Best and Kristy Aki Oshiro for a combination program of percussive performance and talk, which will touch on the link between culture and artistic expression and the use of instruments as a symbol of resistance.
  • Featured artists:
    • Cunamacué - Founded in 2010 by dancer, choreographer, filmmaker and educator Carmen Román, Cunamacué spotlights Peru’s African descendants and their deep cultural legacy through music and dance.
    • Harry Best - Best is a Caribbean steel drum music pioneer and a seasoned songwriter. His signature percussion is performed on“pans,” finely tuned steel drums handcrafted from 55-gallon oil barrels.
    • Kristy Aki Oshiro - Oshiro is a queer, trans and non-binary, fourth generation Japanese Okinawan-American taiko artist, who in addition to performing also teaches and plays an active role in the greater Bay Area taiko community.
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