Moving. Pictures. 2019’s BigPicture photography exhibit transports us to where life is wild, beauty is bizarre, and animals inspire us to be a little more human. See for yourself—starting July 26.

The Academy’s sixth-annual BigPicture exhibit showcases the 50 winning images from our world-renowned nature, wildlife, and conservation photography competition.

Winnowed down from a pool of over 6,500 submissions from 67 countries, the photographs on exhibit tell a captivating visual story about our planet—from the pastel serenity of an Argentine salt flat to the poignant embrace between an orphaned gorilla and her human caretaker—and are accompanied by thought-provoking context and illuminating insights from Academy scientists.

Closing October 20!

Slideshow photo credits First photo: "Taking Center Stage" by Audun Rikardsen; second photo: "Bohemian Skirt" by Jinggong Zhang; third photo: "Clouds of Salt" by Chiara Salvadori; fourth photo: "The Human Touch" by James Gifford; fifth photo: "Losing Wings" by Piotr Naskrecki

Mother and son look at photos on exhibit in BigPicture

View the winning images

Browse a gallery of 2019's winning photographs, get to know the photographers behind the images, and sign up for BigPicture news so you can get a jump on next year's competition.

Photographer Suzi Eszterhas

Meet the judges

Chaired by celebrated wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas, BigPicture's panel of seven judges includes photo luminaries like Cristina Mittermeier, Lewis Blackwell, and Sophie Stafford.

3 polar bears in front of giant whale bones. Photo by Daniel Dietrich

See the bigger picture

Get the facts behind the photos in bioGraphic, the Academy’s online magazine about science and sustainability.

Photo credit: "Boneyard Waltz" by Daniel Dietrich

Hardback copies of Wonders on sale at the Academy Store

Get the book

Take the exhibit home with you: Wonders, a new photography book of more than 100 unforgettable images from BigPicture competitions, is on sale at the Academy Store and other fine booksellers.


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