Get closer to the Academy’s three regeneration initiatives in a colorful new exhibition kiosk that features fascinating insights into our scientific research alongside fun hands-on elements.

You already know about the Academy’s charismatic creatures, immersive exhibitions, and iconic architecture. But did you know about the cutting-edge research being carried out by hundreds of Academy scientists all over the world? Academy in Action brings our three regeneration initiatives—Hope for Reefs, Islands 2030, and Thriving California—out of the field and onto the museum floor.

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Close-up of interactive coral spawning exhibit element in Academy in Action exhibit

Hope for Reefs

Coral reefs support 25% of marine life—and one billion humans. From Roatán to the Maldives to our very own Coral Regeneration Lab, Hope for Reefs scientists are going to great lengths (and depths) to save these vital ecosystems. Learn how more resilient corals will help repopulate reefs of the future as you initiate a simulated coral spawning event.

Cast bronze frogs on an Academy in Action exhibit panel

Islands 2030

Islands are biodiversity hotspots—and epicenters of extinction. Islands 2030 is developing community-based conservation strategies on five major archipelagos with the goal of reversing biodiversity loss by 2030. Touch a cast bronze tree frog to trigger a piece of the soundscape of the West African island nation of São Tomé e Príncipe.

Close-up of hands interacting with exhibit element depicting root systems

Thriving California

We're not just dreaming of a cleaner, greener California—we're making it happen. Thriving California is regenerating biodiversity, building resilience to climate change, and advancing equitable access to nature across our state. Light up the root system of a paintbrush plant to discover how it survives a variety of challenging habitats. 

Hours and location

Academy in Action is open daily. Find it on the Main Floor, adjacent to Hidden Wonders and across from Osher Rainforest.