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Pay as you go and come as often as you like with a one-time down payment and low monthly installments.

With our annual membership subscription plan, you’ll enjoy all the perks of membership and the flexibility of a convenient, one-time down payment and low monthly charges. Annual subscriptions start at less than $6 a month and your membership will automatically renew.

Become a member today and explore a new adventure every month. Check out your payment options here.

What to Expect:

  • An Annual Membership Subscription plan enables you to purchase an Academy Membership or Personalized Gift Membership with an initial down payment and automatic monthly installments of less than $6. For your convenience, your Academy Membership or Gift Membership will renew on an annual basis. Upon the automatic renewal, you will pay twelve equal, easy payments.

  • There are no additional fees charged to enroll in this payment option.

  • The price of a membership is the same for memberships paid in full or with an Annual Membership Subscription.

  • Members must pay for the membership with a credit card or debit card and provide an email address.


How do I purchase an Academy Membership or Personalized Gift Membership with the Subscription option?

How do I cancel participation in an Annual Membership Subscription?

  • Approximately one month before your membership is due to automatically renew, you will receive an email notification to the email address that you provide upon enrollment. We do not currently offer refunds on memberships. However, if you wish to pay the balance of your membership fees and cancel the automatic renewal of your membership, you may do so by contacting the Academy at 800-379-8098 at any time.

Why do you require an initial payment with the Annual Membership Subscription?

  • Taking care of a one-time down payment at the time of enrollment means that your ongoing monthly payments are lower and more manageable. When your membership automatically renews in the second year, you will not be asked to make an initial down payment and that cost will instead be spread across and added to your monthly payments. Payment amounts will vary by membership level.

When will I be charged?

  • Members will be charged a low down payment on the day that they enroll. Thereafter, they will be charged on or around the last day of the month.