The CCG is the Academy’s core genomics research center. We employ the latest molecular and computational techniques and utilize natural history specimens to explore biodiversity, conservation, and regeneration.

The Center for Comparative Genomics (CCG) serves as the Academy's central hub for genomics and sequencing. Our facilities include a fully-equipped genomics laboratory, a frozen DNA CryoCollection, and high-performance computing resources.

Our primary mission is to spearhead groundbreaking research in museum genomics at the Academy. The CCG engages in diverse projects spanning the breadth of the tree of life and spanning the globe—From the Caribbean coral reefscapes and Galápagos birds to frogs of Cameroon, California native plants, and bioluminescent fish microbiomes in the Indo-Pacific.

In addition to our research efforts, we are dedicated to training and supporting the next generation of biodiversity researchers. As leaders in museum genomics, the CCG hosts workshops and training sessions for local researchers interested in the field. Our aim is to create a supportive environment for scientific exploration and knowledge sharing.


Inside the CCG Lab

Genomics Lab

Our genomics lab is a fully-equipped sequencing facility available for use to Academy researchers, students, and associates working to answer questions about the ecology, systematics, evolutionary biology, and diversity of species.

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Learn more about our active, ongoing research projects that seek to answer some of the biggest questions and challenges in natural sciences today.  


Computing Resources

The CCG includes a variety of computers, genomics servers, software, various tutorials, and a high-performance computing cluster to serve the needs of IBSS scientists.

liquid nitrogen freezers


The CCG CryoCollection houses purified DNA extractions, DNA primers, and various genomic libraries such as cDNA preps, RADseq, and whole genome preps.

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Athena Lam, PhD
Director of CCG

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