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Each year, a select group of 3rd-5th grade teachers embarks on a two-year program to become leading educators. Teacher Institute alumni become life-long science learners, improve their science instruction, and ignite in their students a passion for science. 

About the Program


TISS is a transformative, two-year professional development program that enhances teachers' and students' understanding of topics ranging from energy to food systems to water issues.

In each year of the program, teachers participate in a two-week summer session and over 25 hours of school-year professional development. By graduation, each TISS teacher receives 150 hours of professional development including coaching, workshops, and school-team collaboration.



Features & Benefits


TISS teachers receive:

  • $1,500 annual stipend
  • An annual class set of science notebooks for your students
  • Complimentary Academy membership
  • Five continuing education credits per year (fee paid by participant)
  • A class set of science notebooks
  • Guaranteed Academy field trip during the school year



Our Impact

teachers on the roof

Since the Academy began the TISS program in 2009, we have supported:

  • 207 teachers
  • 57 schools
  • 9 local districts, as well as several charter and independent schools.

We estimate the cumulative impact of this kind of teacher support since 2009 has reached over 23,000 students with improved science education.


Science Notebook Corner

science notebook corner

We've witnessed how science notebooks have improved the teaching practice of more than 200 teachers participating in TISS. Based on years of experience training upper elementary school teachers in the Bay Area, we've designed a how-to resource for teachers everywhere to illustrate how you can easily and successfully integrate science notebooks into your own classroom.

After using this resource, you'll be able to use science notebooks for scientific meaning-making!


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