Learn how scientists collaborate and what discoveries they can make working together! This dream team or super group is made up of a cast of characters with different areas of expertise to understand plants—from 400 million years ago to today.

About This Video

Grade level: 4-12
Length: 4 minutes

Video Synopsis
This is the story about a group of scientists who worked together on a project. Even though they are very apart, they accomplished something that they couldn't do alone. How might this example serve as a counterpoint to common stereotypes of scientists, including the misconception that "Science is a solitary pursuit"?

Subtitles are available in Spanish and Chinese! Click the CC button and toggle the settings to select your language.


Guiding Questions

As you watch the video, consider the following:

  • How did collaboration make the work in this project better?
  • Why do you think collaborating in science might be “more fun and productive than doing it by ourselves”?
  • Each scientist on the team had different skills and different interests. What are some skills and interests that you might bring to a collaborative team?

The Dream Team

Cindy Looy, PhD
Professor of Integrative Biology
Curator of the UC Museum of Paleontology, UC Berkeley

Dori L. Contreras, PhD
Curator of Paleobotany
Perot Museum of Nature & Science

Carl Rothfels, PhD
Professor of Integrative Biology
Curator of the University Herbarium, UC Berkeley

Michael Sundue, PhD
Professor and Curator of the Pringle Herbarium
University of Vermont

Mike May, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher
University Herbarium & Integrative Biology

Nathalie Nagalingum, PhD
Curator of Botany
California Academy of Sciences

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