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Selected Science Lesson Plans

Notice and Wonder


© nutmeg 66

How can you turn a snail, worm, or roly-poly into an object of inquiry for a young learner? Ask a few questions!

Jungle Layers

Jungle monkey

© Luke Mackin

What are the different layers in a rainforest? Learn about them with a fun Jungle Layers song!

What Would Happen?


© Cletus Lee

You can make and test predictions using the simplest of invertebrates.

Make Your Own Antelope Horns


© JokeKok

With just a few supplies from home, you can make a twisty set of bongo antelope horns in a heartbeat.

What Color is Your Leaf?


Students head outside to look closely for patterns of leaves in a shady environment vs. a sunny environment.

Professional Learning for You

NGSS Demystified

NGSS Demystified Banner

Need help with planning professional development around the Next Generation Science Standards? Look no further.

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