The Yurok tribe successfully fought to have dams removed on the upper Klamath River to protect the health of the river, the health of the fish, and the health of the Yurok people.

Yurok Tribe: A Fishing People

Redwoods (keehl) and salmon (‘ohpos) are at the heart of Yurok (puelekuekla’) culture and livelihood. More than just food and resource, these fish and trees are relatives and spirits connecting the tribe to the Earth. The well-being of the Klamath River and the Yurok are entwined today as they have been for centuries.

Read more about the Yurok Tribe's salmon protection effort, which the Academy is proud to highlight in our newest exhibit, Giants of Land and Sea.

California Trout: Fish, Water, People

45% of California’s native salmon, steelhead, and trout will be extinct within 50 years if current trends continue.

In this science-based report, learn about which species are in hot water, what is threatening their survival, and how you can help.


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