Leave Planet Earth behind as you fly to the farthest reaches of the Universe.  Float up through Earth’s atmosphere, and gain an astronaut’s view of your home — the only planet currently known to support life. Then travel to the Moon, Mars, and even beyond the Milky Way to search for habitats that might support extraterrestrial life.  Inspire your students with this stunning HD film, available for free for educational use.

About This Film

Length: 25 min
Appropriate for: Grades 3-12
Languages: Closed Captions available in over a dozen languages, including Spanish and Chinese

A Fragile Island of Life in a Vast Universe of Possibility
The Earth has just the right conditions for life, unless we tip the balance.  So it might be wise for us to expand our search for life.  Fly through the solar system out into our galaxy and beyond.  Explore the possibility of life on other planets.  Discover why it's important we protect this fragile protector of life we call Earth.




Main Themes of the Film

Planets in our solar system
  • Earth is the only planet known to harbor life, but there are other potential candidates for life in our solar system and beyond.
  • If we wanted to look for life on other planets, it would make sense to look for the conditions that we know can support life, such as water and an atmosphere.
  • Even if we discovered life on another planet, most would be too far away for humans to visit.  Therefore, it is up to us to ensure the continuation of life on Earth, our only home.

NGSS Connections

We recommend using this film as an introduction to units on human impacts on Earth systems (Disciplinary Core Idea ESS3.C), as it sets the stage for why we should take care of our planet through conservation and sustainability efforts. 

In need of a unit supporting ESS3.C, or want to revamp your existing curriculum?  Check out Flipside Science, a media-rich series that tackles complex environmental topics and empowers youth to make a difference (grades 6-10).



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