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Access the toolkit from your laptop, tablet, or other digital device. Simply download or print!

This toolkit is designed to help educators integrate citizen science projects into classroom curricula or afterschool programming.

It contains resources—including lessons, readings, and worksheets—to help communicate the value of citizen science to students and cultivate their sense of empowerment and impact when performing science investigations.

What's Inside

cit sci toolkit

This easy-to-read, interactive toolkit is organized into three main sections: Learn, Act, and Extend. 

  • Learn introduces the field of citizen science and the various learning outcomes and skill building opportunities it supports. 
  • Act presents case studies and an interactive workbook to help you design a citizen science experience uniquely fit to your educational setting. 
  • Extend offers additional citizen science resources, including connections to national education standards. 

Where To Start

cit sci workbook

Access this toolkit from any computer or mobile device, including a tablet or smartphone. Download and print the PDF or save a copy to complete the workbook sections digitally. Follow the link below to get started!


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