A poem about mountain lions by Nikki Youngberg, a 4th grader at Snow School.

To provide 3rd–5th grade students with in-depth knowledge, the Living with Lions Project has created a series of lessons that culminate with a session with a Lion Ambassador!

Our Wild Neighbors

The Living with Lions Project, a collaboration between Audubon Canyon Ranch and True Wild, is studying North Bay mountain lions using GPS-collars to understand their lives and needs in this human-populated and fragmented landscape. Many people are unaware of or uncomfortable with co-existing with America’s top predator. They aim to encourage curiosity and empathy through sharing what is known about mountain lions.

They now offer 3rd-5th grade teachers two learning opportunities for their classrooms! In-person programs are available for Sonoma, Napa and Marin schools, and schools outside of this geographic area can opt for the remote opportunity! These options cover the same material (preview in-person and remote materials, respectively), and both include lessons that are facilitated by the teacher beforehand.

Lessons include:

  • Watching the Living with Lions video showing how they study mountain lions.
  • Reading ‘Meet Luna the Puma’ and doing accompanying activities. Content includes mountain lion behavior and life history.
  • Learning about the role of top predators in ecosystems through video and interactive activities.
  • Figuring out the physical characteristics and adaptations of mountain lions.
  • With the lion ambassador, interpreting GPS map data and discussing how to harmoniously coexist with our wild neighbors.

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For any questions or special requests, please contact Liz Martins liz.martins@egret.org.


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