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Thank you for celebrating the summer of Skin with us! Stay tuned for details on the next Member Night—coming soon.

Event highlights

Camera trap shot of a snow leopard

Book Talk: The Snow Leopard Project and Other Adventures in Warzone Conservation
7 pm
African Hall

Featuring Dr. Alex Dehgan, CEO, Conservation X Labs, and Chanler Innovator, Duke University

In his book, Dr. Dehgan takes readers along with him and his team through some of the most dangerous places in postwar Afghanistan as they work to establish the country’s first national park, complete some of the first extensive wildlife surveys in 30 years, and act to stop the poaching of the country’s iconic endangered animals, including the snow leopard. Dehgan will reflect on innovative approaches to advancing the environment and security in some of the most politically and ecologically fragile places in the world, while exploring connections between conservation and political stability. This talk will also consider the larger changes of the political landscape and evolving US positions towards Afghanistan, while showing spectacular imagery from Afghanistan that never appears on our TV or computer screens.

Dr. Dehgan will be available to sign copies of his book (also available for sale) after the talk.

Woman inside Drop in the Ocean virtual reality experience

Drop in the Ocean: A social VR experience
6–8 pm

Experience the ocean from an entirely new perspective in Drop in the Ocean, a 7-minute virtual reality adventure narrated by explorers Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau and a co-production of Conservation International and Vision3. Shrink down to two inches tall, hitch a ride on a jellyfish, and come face-to-face with a leatherback sea turtle as you encounter the mysteries of the deep. Along the way, gain new insights into the threats facing our oceans, like plastic pollution, and team up to learn how to become a part of the solution.

Tickets are $10 for Academy members and may be purchased onsite at the museum. Recommended for ages 13 and up.


Scheduled programs

Black and white photo of the surface of the Moon

Tour of the Moon
6:15 pm
Morrison Planetarium

Have you ever searched for the “Man in the Moon?" Do you wonder what lies beneath the Ocean of Storms or the Sea of Serenity? Take a tour of Earth’s nearest neighbor—from its tallest mountains to its deepest craters—and find out where the Apollo astronauts left their footprints, what they found on the lunar surface, and why we may want to go back.


Image of the Sun

Solar System Safari
6:50, 7:25, 8:15 pm
Hohfeld Hall

Join a planetarium presenter on a live 15-minute exploration of the worlds around our Sun and find out about our Solar System's plethora of planets (large and small), moons, and other space objects.


Passport to the Universe logo over a space nebula

Passport to the Universe
7:15, 8 pm
Morrison Planetarium

The Academy's newest planetarium show is your ticket to the farthest reaches of the cosmos. Get an astronaut's-eye view of stunning nebulae, newborn stars, and mysterious moons before hurtling back to Earth through a black hole.


Diver in the Philippine Coral Reef tank

Coral Reef Dive
7:30 pm
Steinhart Aquarium

Watch as a diver suits up in scuba gear and plunges into one the world’s deepest living indoor coral reef exhibits. Outfitted with an underwater microphone, the diver will answer all of your reef-related questions as the colorful inhabitants of the exhibit investigate this strange bubble-emitting visitor.



More evening highlights happening all night long

  • Create a piece of art with Green Arts Workshop
  • Express your creativity with coloring—fun for all ages.

  • Decorate delicious cookies in the Terrace ($5)

  • See and touch specimens from our collections presented by Academy Docents

  • Hear about the latest scientific research from Academy scientists:

    • Dr. John McCosker, Chair of Aquatic Biology

    • Dr. Laura Eklund, Collection Manager, Anthropology

    • Dr. Heritiana Ranarivelo, Research Associate, Botany

    • Dr. Panpim Thongsripong, Postdoc Fellow, Microbiology


Summer Member Night menu

Bowl station:

  • Kids' Mac 'n cheese
  • Shrimp / tofu poke salad
  • Rice noodles / jasmine rice / edamame / seaweed / cucumber / shredded carrots / avocado / herbs / ponzu sauce / teriyaki sauce / hoisin sauce

Grill station:

  • Lamb kebab wrap with hummus
  • Ultimate grilled cheese and fresh tomato nut-free pesto sandwich
  • Chicken tenders with fries and creamy coleslaw

Pizza station:

  • Pancetta pineapple flatbread
  • Homemade spiced apricot jam with goat cheese and fresh arugula flatbread
  • Margherita flatbread

Last meals served at the Pizza, Grill and Bowl stations at 8:30 pm. Grab 'n Go items will be available until 9 pm.