Illustration of different penguin species against a blue background

Member preview: ‘Tis the Season for Science: Life on Ice
Thursday, November 21
9:30 am – 5 pm
No RSVP required

This year, live reindeer return to the Academy’s winter wonderland! Explore the North and South Poles under falling snow flurries, check out a show in the Snowman Theater, and more. Thank you for being a member!

    All day

    Roaming with Reindeer (Piazza)
    Join us for an immersive, child-friendly show inside the Snowman Theater about the astounding adaptations of reindeer. For ages 5+.


    10:30 am

    My First Winter: Children’s Puppet Theater (Piazza)
    Take a seat at this charming puppet show exploring the different ways animals adapt in the wintertime. For all ages.


    11:30 am & 2:30 pm

    Reindeer Rendezvous (East Garden)
    Sidle up to our special live visitors and discover how reindeer travel up to 3,000 miles per year in the wild thanks to some unique adaptations. Trace their epic journey through forests and tundra to find out how these "Nomads of the North" impact their far-flung habitat. 


    3 pm

    Member Talk: Deep Discoveries in Antarctica with Rich Mooi, PhD (North Classroom, Level 3)
    The forbidding and storm-tossed seas around Earth's south polar region might seem uninhabitable, but life teems under the ice off Antarctica. In this Member Talk, Rich will discuss his research of the interesting organisms that live there. Free for members; RSVP required. Recommended for ages 8+.