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Animal Attraction

Animal Attraction explores some of the wildest courtship and mating strategies in the animal kingdom. From mate-munching bugs to leaping fish, learn how animals go to extremes to pass on their genes.

New Aquarium Gallery


After exploring the 25,000-gallon Philippine coral reef, continue to the back of the Aquarium where a pair of colorful filefish welcome you to the gallery. Enter and discover the surprising secrets of meeting, mating and repopulating. The colorful and diverse beauty of the natural world would not exist without the mixing and passing of genes.

Live Animals


Encounter hermaphroditic banana slugs, cannibalistic praying mantises, monogamous shrimp, and more than a dozen other live creatures specifically chosen by our biologists to tell the unique, and often bizarre, mating stories.

Interactive Labels


For the first time, iPads are used as digital labels. View gorgeous images, watch videos, learn mating stories, go behind the scenes and be the guide of your own digital exploration.

Special Programs

Don’t miss out on new Sea of Love Editions of some of your favorites programs including:

  • Penguin Feedings - Daily, 10:30 am & 3:00 pm
    Learn who is mating with whom, arranged marriages, family squabbles and watch our penguins strut their stuff during feeding time.
  • Coral Reef Dives - Daily, 11:30 am & 2:30 pm
    Watch our divers as they discuss love on the reef from clownfish dads who become clownfish moms to coral spawning, it's sure to captivate you!

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Animal Attraction is located in the lower level of the Aquarium, near the Discovery Tidepool.

Academy AnimalGram


Send an AnimalGram with a custom greeting to your friends and family.

Did You Know?

  • Female mantises sometimes eat their partner after mating.
  • Garden snails mate by shooting long, sharp “love darts” at one another.
  • Male bowerbirds attract mates with their design sense – they decorate a “bower” with found objects from sticks and berries to bits of plastic.
  • All clownfish are born male, and the most dominant male in the community changes its sex to female and mates with the next-most-dominant male.
  • For many octopus species, after mating, females will stop hunting in order to care for thousands of eggs surviving just until they hatch.

Rainforest Blog



Academy biologists share the inside scoop on caring for the rainforest and its inhabitants. Learn more

Shark Lagoon Cam



Get a fish-eye view of the sharks, rays and fish in the reef lagoon, 24 hours a day, with our newest webcam.

View the Shark Lagoon Cam



Penguin and child

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